Pharmacy Services

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TCCH pharmacies are located inside our Gifford, Fellsmere and Oslo locations.

Prescriptions are fast, easy and stress free at TCCH.

In-house pharmacies make health care quick and convenient. Simply visit your doctor and pick up your prescriptions at the same location.
• Deeply discounted medications
• Immunizations
• Price match
• RX30 refill app
• Free mail order delivery
• Free/reduced prescription programs
• Medication therapy management
• Medication Synchronization

TCCH in-house pharmacies have the lowest prices in Indian River County. Lower than big box pharmacies.

Taking your medication, as prescribed, leads to better health, and Affordable medicine makes staying healthy easier! TCCH patients can pick up medicine as they leave the office or use free delivery and mail order services. Pharmacists are always available for questions. Switch to TCCH pharmacies — save money, stay healthy. 772-257-8224. Ask about price match.