Health Navigator

A Personal Healthcare Guide

Health navigators help guide individuals and families in making the best healthcare decisions for their current situation. They are also a good resource if you find yourself at a crossroad with your current situation.

In 2022, TCCH health navigators:

  • Registered 10,304 patients for the sliding fee discount program.
  • Referred 24,984 people to enabling service organizations such as food, housing and insurance.
  • Worked directly with the IRC Hospital District to provide 4,088 people with additional medical assistance.
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Health Navigators are available at all health centers by appointment. They are culturally aware and interpretation services are available. Call for an appointment at the location nearest you.

This team is one piece of TCCH's patient-centered, comprehensive care model.

They are especially helpful to people who are new to or have little experience with the healthcare system, carry distrust of providers or have been unable to access care.